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At Roof Top Nursery we firmly believe that every child has the right to reach their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Through valuing each child as an individual and understanding their needs, we promote positive attributes such as self-esteem, confidence and independence.

Our caring practitioners are dedicated to continuous professional development which enables them to be at the forefront of changes in the early year's curriculum, and to provide a stimulating learning experience tailor made to the developmental needs of each and every child.

We would expect visitors to our nursery to see children and staff who are happy, respectful and learning together in a warm, caring and stimulating environment.

Children learn best through play. Our activities and experiences we offer to children are all play based, ensuring children learn effectively when they are involved in their own self chosen activities as well as those based around their interests and needs. At present we implement the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which covers the whole age range birth to five years.