Working in Partnership with our Parents

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Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2022

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We aim to work in partnership with parents to give a better quality and inclusive service to children and parents.


We aim to do this by keeping close communication with parents on a regular basis.  We will do this by: -

Providing parents with a monthly newsletter of events, what activities children have been up to, training staff have been on for the month, forthcoming dates of events and feedback and reviews from parents and staff. 

Inviting parents to attend meetings.

Inviting parents every 2-3 months to talk about their child's progress and to go over any concerns.

27-month progress check with the parent, the child, the Health visitor, and the key person.

Invite parents to the setting for the first time and have an induction where the setting's procedures and policies will be looked at.

Getting parents to sign and agree relevant documents e.g. fees, child's care needs, etc.

Holding father's day once a year whereby parents/carers/grandfather/male figure in child's life will be encouraged to come in and do an activity with their child.

Encouraging parents to come in and help out during events such as fundraising day, and festivals and volunteer during outings and other such activities.

Giving parents the chance to go on outings with their children.

Parents will be given a handbook of things their child has done whilst in their absence for the under 2's, e.g. what the child had to eat, what activities and games the child was involved in that day, etc.

The Noticeboard will be displayed an agenda for the month and any vacancies or opportunities, there may be for parents. When curriculum plans have been planned for the term, parents will also be involved; they will be given information on the types of activities their child will take part in and informed of how they may be able to help their child at home.

Parents are welcome to contribute to doing an activity with the children on the theme set for the term.

Parents will have a chance to make comments and suggestions for the nursery and a book will be displayed in the nursery where parents could make any suggestions and comments.

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